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Saint Bernard x Standard Poodle Cross

Saint Berdoodles are an intentional cross between a purebred St Bernard and a purebred Standard Poodle. 

People love the hypoallergenic coats of Saint Berdoodles, which are usually low-shedding or non-shedding.

Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodles have wonderful temperaments and are usually great with kids.

Saint Berdoodles have hybrid vigor, which results from crossing two purebred dogs. Hybrid vigor typically results in a healthier offspring, and Saint Berdoodles have a much longer life expectancy than a purebred Saint Bernard.


Purebred St Bernards usually live 8-9 years; whereas Saint Berdoodles are usually expected to live 11-13 years.

Although "Saint Berdoodle" is the typical spelling, at times you will see the abbreviated "St Berdoodle", the hyphenated "Saint-Berdoodle" or "StBerdoodle / SaintBerdoodle" with no space.

Saint Bernard Poodle Cross

Anyone who has owned (and loved) a Saint Bernard might wonder why anyone would get a Saint Berdoodle instead. There's a seven-fold answer for why Saint Berdoodles win the battle for many families.

St Bernard vs St Berdoodle

  1. Hypoallergenic: St Berdoodles usually have low-to-non shedding coats (like poodles) and are typically far better for people with allergies than a purebred Saint Bernard, which sheds its coat.
  2. Health: Hybrid vigor typically improves a dog's health. There's a reason that humans don't marry our relatives. Saint Berdoodles tend to have fewer health issues than a pure Saint Bernard.
  3. Lifespan: On average St Berdoodles live several years longer than their Saint Bernard counterparts.
  4. Intelligence: Poodles consistently rank as one of the top (if not THE top) breeds for intelligence. Saint Berdoodles are very quick learners.
  5. Trainability: Usually the St Berdoodle's increased intelligence makes them an easy dog to train. Saint Berdoodles love pleasing their owner.
  6. Dry Mouth: Most Saint Berdoodles do not druel; the same cannot be said for most purebred Saint Bernards.
  7. Walking Partner: Although Saint Berdoodles are one of the lowest energy doodles, they tend to be more active than a somewhat lethargic purebred Saint Bernard who usually prefers to lounge all day. Although a Saint Berdoodle will not be an active runner like a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, or Springerdoodle, you can usually take a Saint Berdoodle for a long walk--more so than a purebred Saint Bernard.

We never ship St. Berdoodle puppies as we think it provides a terrible start. We have people from all over the U.S. (and Canada) drive to one of our pick up homes to get a gorgeous Saint Berdoodle pup; fly to us and fly back with the pup in the passenger compartment, or have us hand deliver their Saint Berdoodle to their home for 60 cents a mile.


Saint Berdoodle Pricing


Basic Pricing

$800 Black St Berdoodles

$1200-1800 Multi-colored St Berdoodles

depending on colors and pattern

$200 Extra for pups that go home in December as pups at Christmas time make them more desirable

$400 Extra for Mini St Berdoodles

Aiming for first litter of Minis in 2018



$100 St Berdoodle discount for heroes

$100 discount applies to veterans, military, police, firefighters, EMTs, home school parents, pastors, and teachers

$200 St Berdoodle discount for friends and family

all pups are sold with a spay/neuter contract

St Berdoodle

Available Saint Berdoodle Puppies

August 25, 2017: We're pleased to announce a litter of six gorgeous Saint Berdoodle Puppies. Usually we receive 70-100 applications within 48 hours of announcing a litter. If you're interested in one of these pups, please fill out the application below for the possibility of being accepted to be their forever home. Based on their 85 pound chocolate/white parti poodle dad and their 130 pound gorgeous Saint Bernard Mom; we expect these pups to be 90-120 pounds full grown--definitely gentle giants.

August 26, 2017 Update: All of these Saint Berdoodle Puppies (below) were almost immediately spoken for; they have deposits placed.

Sept. 1, 2017 Update: These Saint Berdoodles are all in their wonderful homes now, and we've been hearing great reports. We left their pictures below, so you could see what they look like. If interested in a future litter, please apply here:

SPOKEN FOR:  Cooper (above) is a very calm Saint Berdoodle boy. This gentle giant would make a great therapy dog. He has a gorgeous wavy coat and markings that look very similar to his Saint Bernard Mom.

Cooper's Adoption Price: $1600 - $300 deposit = $1300 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR: Grant (above) is a sweet-natured Saint Berdoodle boy. We certainly expect him to be a gentle giant. He has a thick wavy coat and loves to be held and to follow his people everywhere.

Grant's Adoption Price: $1700 - $300 deposit = $1400 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR: Tucker (above) is another sweetie. This gorgeous Saint Berdoodle boy looks a lot like Cooper. They both have black spots on their face on opposite sides. Like his brothers, Tucker should be really large. His coat is thick and wavy. He has a wonderful mellow temperament and thinks he's a lapdog.

Tucker's Adoption Price: $1600 - $300 deposit = $1300 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR: Carrie (above) is a sweet-natured Saint Berdoodle. She is a favorite of the kids. Medium-sized in this litter, we expect her not to be quite as huge as her brothers. It's hard to say enough good about the calm dispositions of this litter. Carrie loves to be with you and just look into your eyes. She'll make a wonderful soul mate for some fortunate family (or individual).

Carrie's Adoption Price: $1400 - $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR: Princess (above) is a gorgeous Saint Berdoodle Girl. She has a wonderful personality, great coat, and beautiful coloring/markings. The pictures don't do Princess justice.

Princess' Adoption Price: $1900 - $300 deposit = $1600 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR: Bella (above) is a wonderful Saint Berdoodle girl with traditional Saint Bernard markings. She's definitely a gentle giant. Cautious when she explores and excellent with kids; Bella will be a wonderful addition to someone's family.

Bella's Adoption Price: $1700 - $300 deposit = $1400 due at pickup

Saint Bernard Mom and Standard Poodle Dad

St. Berdoodle Application

If you're considering a Saint Berdoodle puppy please think about completing the application below. We've learned from Crockett Doodles the importance of the application process. Several years ago, their first Goldendoodle litters from Crockett Doodles would be announced to nearly 400 people on an email waiting list. Within the first couple of minutes, the entire doodle litter would be spoken for, and those families who got one of the puppies felt almost like they'd won the lottery. As our partner Crockett Doodles evaluates the thorough application process to take deposits from only the most qualified forever home families. 


Because we have FAR more demand than supply, we request that you please do not place a PayPal deposit unless your Saint Berdoodle application has been accepted. Crockett Doodles works to be fair and thorough in evaluating your Saint Berdoodle application within 3-5 days after submittal. You should receive a response with a detailed answer that will basically be "yes," "no," or "wait." Currently we are able to accept deposits from about 30% of applications. In the future we expect that we will be able to give far fewer "yes" answers as demand for our Saint Berdoodle puppies continues to snowball. Crockett Doodles is used to receiving 70-100 applications for a single litter with 48 hours of announcing the litter.

Filling out an application in NO WAY obligates you to place a deposit or to adopt a puppy from us, it's simply the first step to express your potential interest in a Saint Berdoodle puppy. If your St Berdoodle application received a "yes" response, you'd have the option of placing a completely refundable $300 deposit, which would apply to the final price of your St Berdoodle puppy. After placing a deposit, you'll receive litter announcements to choose which pup you want from a given litter. You can also pass on as many Saint-Berdoodle litters as you want.

Anyone can have their deposit refunded at any time for any reason. We don't understand why almost every other doodle breeder requires non-refundable deposits. For us, the application allows us to evaluate whether you'd be a great forever home. If so, the deposit shows that you're serious, but we have no desire to take people's deposits if they found a St Berdoodle puppy elsewhere or decide that a St Berdoodle is no longer right for their family.

Apply for a St Berdoodle

Name *
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Typically Saint Berdoodles are low energy dogs; we like to match families with the pup that is appropriate to them as much as possible.
Please describe what a typical day would look like for a Saint Berdoodle puppy or Saint Berdoodle dog at your house.
Please be thorough; we typically receive far more applications than we have available puppies. The more info we have, the better we can evaluate your application. Thanks.

Saint Berdoodles are a Saint Bernard and Poodle cross. The goal in producing Saint Berdoodles is to have a gentle giant dog, who is low energy, highly affectionate, intelligent, healthy, and low-to-non-shedding.